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Love and passion

through the food

Mexican Nachos
Mexica Nachos
Mexican Burrios

In South America, mealtime is a moment to share with friends and family and to mark special days and create memorable moments.


It’s this special way of sharing a meal that we want to bring to the Christchurch Riverside Market.  When we decided to come to New Zealand, we knew we wanted to bring our knowledge about this unique food to our new home. 

When we cook, we deliver love and passion through the food, and this is what we want to communicate and create: a way to share our culture as openly as Kiwis have shared theirs with us. 

One of our most important aims for our restaurant will be to create a vibrant atmosphere that catches your imagination and gets you involved with Latin American culture.

We’re excited for the opportunity to combine our enthusiasm and culinary skills with the passion in our project, creating a unique experience for visitors at the Riverside Market that will make them want to come back and visit us again and again. 

Mexican Tacos and Burritos
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